Saturday, October 1, 2011

Third Spiral Gift Bag for a Baby

With three baby showers within a month, it's a good thing all the rectangular bags are done for Netting, More or Less.   I am ready to move from rectangular bags to spiral bags for a little variety.

This one is similar in size to the two I finished last week.


The handles are the same straight design as the other blue bag, however the mesh stick used was smaller.  This creates a firmer, easier-to-find handle.


The increases and grommet are also different.

In this bag all the increases are added in just two locations.  The two loops between the handles - that were created when the handles were joined together.  

There was no decreasing before the grommet was made.  While the grommet is bigger than the other spiral net bags, the hole is still smaller than the meshes.

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