Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rose Border found on Netted Doileys from Tatting and Netting

Three of the four doileys pictured on page 131 of Tatting and Netting are made of square-mesh netting.  All three of those square doileys have the same edge made using the Rose stitch.

The instructions for this edge called for "a No. 18 mesh" to be used.  Thanks to the Internet, I found that equals a 00000 steel knitting needle.  Because the mesh stick was so fine, I used some tatting thread I had been given years ago.  For the larger mesh I used a 1/8" mesh (or a #8 knitting needle).

The finished sample I made was 2 inches wide and 5/8" high.

I also learned one visual difference between the Rose stitch and my Eyelet stitch.  The Rose stitch when done as described in this pattern has the large circles directly under each other.  The Eyelet stitch has them diagonal from each other.  As far as I could tell, the directions for the actual construction of the stitch are the same.

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