Saturday, March 14, 2015

Border for Netted Doileys from Tatting and Netting

The three square-mesh Netted Doileys found on page 133 of Tatting and Netting have the same border.  The differences between them are in the embroidery that is applied to them after the netting is finished.

Because I was working in rows instead of rounds I had to make some changes to the instructions.  I began the next to the last row with "net 1 knot in the next loop, skip 1 loop", before I began the instructions that were given.  The last row had a similar situation.  I began the row with "net 1 knot in the first loop, skip the next loop", before continuing to follow the printed instructions.

The instructions indicated that I should use "a No. 18 knitting needle for the mesh," which meant that I used my size 00000 knitting needle again. I also made this sample with tatting thread. This piece measures 13/8" wide by 5/8" high.

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