Saturday, February 28, 2015

Table-mat or Center-piece, with Netted Fluted Edge from Tatting and Netting

On page 123 of Tatting and Netting, the Netted, Fluted Edge is created on the edge of a 15 inch-diameter piece of cloth.  I decided to just make the netting without any fabric.  I also did not do any crocheting.

I began the sample using size 10 crochet thread, with a #3 knitting needle as the mesh stick.  I net 24 loops onto the foundation loop.  For the next row, I net 2 knots into each loop. Then I net 8 more rows with one knot in each loop.  The fluted edging is formed once starch has been applied to the netting.

The first photo of this three-dimensional netting shows the netting from above, as if I were looking down on the sample.

The second photo is taken as if I were looking across the table and into the netting from the front to the back of the sample.

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