Saturday, September 27, 2014

Demonstrating Netting at the Eastern States Exposition

This week I did not find the time to make a new net edge.  The Eastern States Exposition (The Big E), a multi-state fair held in West Springfield, Massachusetts, opened September 12.  This year I've had the opportunity to demonstrate netting for parts of six days (about 35 hours).  It has been wonderful to introduce people to netting.  People kept telling me, "I never knew this existed."  That's why I was there!

Here is a look at my demonstration area.

On Wednesday, I made the two bags that are hanging in the center of the display board. The bags are very different: different bases, different mesh sticks sizes, different size bag, different number of loops in the rounds, different way to begin the handles, different thread/string used. Different is good - it helps keep me from being bored.

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Unknown said...

It looks great! I'm glad you got to be indoors.