Saturday, September 20, 2014

Netted Edging from Tatting and Netting

I love it when the patterns I'm trying to make have photographs or sketches.  The Netted Edging from page 111 and 112 of  Tatting and Netting, by Butterick Publishing Company, has a photograph. When I made it this week the instructions were fairly clear, but in one or two places it was difficult to know exactly what was meant.  The photo helped clear up those issues.  I'm not sure I did it the way the suggested, but I ended up with the look that was in the photo.

The final three rows of the instructions were very clear; however, only two of the rows were shown in the illustration.  The middle row of those instructions was not there.  Because I liked the way the photo looked, I went with it and eliminated the next to the last row of the written instructions.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

This past week, while demonstrating netting at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E), I made two more bags for my daughter.

Even though they look different they do have some common features.

  1. They both have tied handles on a circular net bag. 
  2. They have the same number of knots in each round. This pattern went from 12 loops in round one to 48 loops in round 6.   
  3. They both have the same base.  

How are they different?

  1. One is large and the other small.  
  2. The body of the large bag has 4 fewer rounds than the small bag.
  3. One bag has one tied handle, while the other has two.
  4. The size of the mesh is different (1/4" for the small and 3/4" for the large).
  5. The type and size of cord they are made of varies in size. (medium-weight string for the large one and size 5 crochet thread for the small one).
  6. The location of the decreases of the handle changed.

The large bag handle (on the left) has the decreases along the edge of the handle.

The small bag handle (on the right) has the decreases in the center of the handle.

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