Saturday, August 30, 2014

Netted Trimming from Tatting and Netting

Page 109 of Tatting and Netting, by Butterick Publishing Company (published in 1895), has three different net edgings on it - a fringe, an edge, and a trimming.  This week I tried the Netted Trimming.

Part of the instructions say to use Star Netting (found on page 89), but they neglect to say that how you follow the instructions impacts how the stitch will look.  This stitch starts by alternating a wrapped loop followed by a regular plain loop.  This creates a row of alternating long and short loops.

Today, when I made my first sample, I made the wrapped loop of row 3 on the left side of the long loop of row 2.  When it was finished, the pattern did not look correct. I finally realized I had accidentally made

Mosiac Netting 

rather than Star Netting.

  I started over again, making the wrapped loop on the right side of the long loop. Finally it looked right.

I'll finish this edging next week.  To do that, I'm supposed to do some net embroidery around the Star Netting. I wanted to see how it looked without the embroidery first. (Besides, I ran out of time!)


Alacelover said...

Hola, tienes una página web y un blog de lo mejor que he visto. ¡Enhorabuena!.
Vivo en España y me entre otras muchas artesanías me encanta hacer malla (filet). Los visitaré con frecuencia porque es tanto el contenido que hay que ir poco a poco. Te agradezco que la compartas y te deseó un montón de ventas de tu libro.
María (alacelover)

Rita said...

Thank you. Enjoy looking and netting.