Saturday, August 16, 2014

Netted Edging from Tatting and Netting & Quantity of hair that fits into a net hairnet

On page 109 of  Butterick Publishing Company's Tatting and Netting is found Netted Edging.

I found it interesting that the "medium bone mesh stick" appears to have been a 1/8" wide flat mesh stick and the "course knitting needle" seems to have been a size #0 knitting needle. I based my guesses on the fact that the largest row at the bottom used a 1/4" mesh stick.  When I measured the photo in the book, the largest row near the bottom was indeed 1/4" wide.  I used the measurements of the other parts of the edging to determine the other mesh stick sizes.

Row 9 was a bit challenging for me.  I like to visualize what I am doing and how it will work before I make a new stitch.  I could not visualize the process described and the results for this row.  Finally I just decided to try exactly what it said.  It worked, somehow.  I'm going to need to take a larger mesh stick and try it again to make sure I am doing the stitch correctly.

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People often ask how much hair a net snood or hairnet will hold.  The best way I have to explain is to show them a before and after photo.

I had a friend with long hair come over to visit. I asked her to model the hairnet I mentioned last week.

On the left she is wearing the hairnet.  

On the right is a photo of her hair.

All her hair fit nicely into the hairnet.

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