Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Ladies’ Hand Book of Fancy and Ornamental Work by Florence Hartley

Several years ago I ordered a paperback copy of The Ladies’ Hand Book of Fancy and Ornamental Work by Florence Hartley.  It was originally published in 1859.  If I had known that it was online, I would have just downloaded it.  The contents are the same.

  1. Netting (page 177)
  2. Plain Netting (page 178)
  3. Grecian Netting - with illustration (page 179)
  4. Plain Open Netting - with illustration (page 179)
  5. Diamond Netting - with illustration (page 179)
  6. Diamond Netting, of Five Stitches - with illustration (page 180)
  7. Netting With Beads - with illustration (page 181)
  8. Net for the Hair - with illustration (page 182)
  9. Netted Curtain - with illustration on 183  (page 184)
  10. Short Purse in Netting - with illustration (page 186)
  11. Needles (page 188)
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Over the years I have re-created 62 different doilies patterns that my grandmother created.  She did not write down any instructions; she just made the doilies.  She taught me how to "read" a net doily and then make it.  These doilies included those she gave me to use as patterns, some my mother owned, one owned by her sister-in-law, Ida Winter, and photocopies of doilies in the possession of her daughter, Elaine.  

I finished writing the doily instructions several years ago.  At that time, after I finished making the doily, I made a photocopy of as much of it as I could.  Often that was just a rectangular section from the center to the edge.  Eventually I purchased a digital camera and started taking a photograph of each doily so I could see what the entire doily looked like.  Since I had given away most of the doilies I had made, I had to start making them again.

This week I finished Sunburst.

I thought it was the last one I needed to photograph; however, while looking through my patterns, I discovered an additional Pineapple Doily that Grandmother had made.  The edges of the two doilies are slightly different, so I guess I have one more doily to finish and photograph before I can say I have digital photographs of all the doilies I have access to that my grandmother designed.  To see those I have made, look at Grandmother's Legacy.

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