Saturday, November 24, 2012

Knitter's Friend by Mrs. Hope

I discovered that I have links to two books named The Knitter's Friend.  One is by Mrs. Gaugain and the other is by Mrs. Hope.  They both contain netting patterns.  I wrote about The Knitter's Friend by Mrs. Gaugain almost a month ago.  Today I picked up The Knitter's Friend by Mrs. Hope.  It was published about 1847.

There are instructions for 10 different items related to netting.
  1. Stirrup for Netting   (page 44) - This is what I would call a tension device.
  2. Plain Netted Purse   (page 78)
  3. Rounded Neckerchief   (page 82)
  4. Invalid's Supporter   (page 84)
  5. Double Netted Shawl   (page 85)
  6. Circassian Cap   (page 86 - picture included)
  7. Front of an Upright Piano, or A Window Blind   (page 88)
  8. Cardinal Cape (page 90)
  9. Bottle Stand   (page 93)
  10. Round Netted Doyley   (page 94)

I recently made two long snoods with staggered beads.  One was with 6 mm glass beads and brown thread.

The other was made with 6 mm beads that were much lighter than glass.  The red beads were netted with black thread.

If the hair color matches the thread color of the snood, the netting vanishes into the hair and only the beads are left to be seen.  

I finally finished all the projects for my Circular Netting class, photographed them, and put them up on Rita's Netting Nook.  I purposely created many smaller projects so those taking the class would be able to practice starting net circles without getting bored.  

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