Saturday, January 14, 2012

Netting Needles or A Wonderful Husband

Christmas brought a fun and exciting present for me -- a brass netting needle.  Part of the reason it was fun and exciting is that it was unexpected.  I did not expect my husband to get it from Pallia, but he did.

Another reason it was exciting and fun is that this netting needle is a different shape than others I have used to make lace items.

When my grandmother taught me to net, she used one similar to the needle on the right.  That was the only kind of netting needle we could get.  She taught me to fill the right side of the needle and then the left side.

With my new needle I could see the advantages of filling the needle using a figure-eight pattern.

I was impressed with the amount of thread my new needle held and yet it still fit through the loops.

Finally it was fun because it gave me an excuse to finish a doily I was designing and a new beaded snood.  I named the 22.5 inch doily Bachelor Button since it reminded me of the flower.

The snood was made using two strands of sewing thread.  My new needle had no problem getting into the spaces I wanted it to.

The beads in this snood are attached to the side of the diamond shaped mesh.

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