Saturday, January 7, 2012

Net Snoods and Beads

Once I learned how to attach beads to netting I wondered how beads would look in a snood.

Plain Beaded Snood

At the time I was working on snoods / hairnets that covered the entire head.

Because the netting is done using dark thread, it is hard to see the netting, but the white beads show up nicely on the dark hair.

These beads were attached to the loop and allowed to slide however they wanted to.

Plain Nape-of-the-neck Snood

Once I started putting the snoods on a barrette and having them hang at the nape of my neck, I decided I needed to try one of this style of snoods with beads.

Here again the netting is close to the color of the hair, which makes the netting hard to see.  Again, the white beads show up nicely.

These beads were attached firmly to the bottom of the loop.

Staggered Bead Snood

There were so many beads on the other two snoods I had made that it took a long time to make them.  I wondered what it would look like with fewer beads.

In this snood I staggered the beads.  It worked up much faster while still showing the effect of beads on the hair.

Diagonal Bead Snood

I wondered what it would look like if I attached the beads along the side of the diamond mesh and then put them in a line below each other.

Since the beads were placed on each row, they were not truly underneath each other.  They followed the diagonal slant of the netting.

Staggered Bead Snood

I finally got around to wondering what a snood would look like if the netting were made in thread that did not try to blend into the hair of the person wearing it.

This snood was made in a light purple color thread.  The beads are still visible and so is the netting.

Black Plain Nape-of-the-neck Snood

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a black snood  - black thread, black bow, and black beads.

I used the same pattern for the snood as I had for the Plain Nape-of-the-neck Snood shown above.  

Now that I've added beads to Christmas Tree Ornaments and Snoods, do you have any suggestions as to what I could add them to next?

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