Saturday, January 28, 2012

More beaded snoods

Every once in a while I find myself working on similar projects.  Sometimes it's just coincidence, sometimes it's due to the class I'm preparing, and sometimes other people encourage me.

Recently the bags have been due to the square-mesh class I'm trying to finish.  The class would be done except as I was making them for the last time (checking out the instructions one more time), I realized that the handles were different from the ones I had  before and that my written instructions may not be adequate for anyone other than me to follow.  So I need to make 4 more videos demonstrating how to make those handles and 1 more demonstrating how to form the sides with square-mesh instead of diamond mesh.

While I am finishing up the bags to the point where I can start recording, you get the chance to name the handles.  I've changed the prize just slightly.  Instead of making the winners a net bag, I'll make them any net item on, or that has been pictured on this blog, that has less than 1,200 knots.

The recent posts about snoods was inspired by another person.  In the past few weeks I received requests for beaded snoods.  So, here is the latest beaded snoods:  a round snood with staggered beads.  Each snood is holding the same amount of hair.

the small version of the snood

and the large version of the snood

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