Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mystery stole 3 and old books with netting

The past two weeks have been very busy what with getting two sons ready to college. During that same time I spent several days creating a picture type music book for the younger siblings of several of my piano students and my youngest daughter has been busy tearing apart the couch (and re-upholstering it under the directions of the mother of my piano students). So, though things have been busy my projects have not moved as quickly as I had hoped.

That being said,

I finished Mystery Stole today!!!

Now I have to learn a new skill and block it.

As for netting:

I found a site to look at -- Nets and Netmaking at the Pineapple Knot Forum

and the following old books that MIGHT have some fun netting patterns:

The Ladies Knitting and Netting Book by Miss Watts (1840)

The Illuminated Ladies' Book of Useful and Ornamental Needlework by Mrs. Henry Owen (1844)

The Ladies' Work-Table Book (1844)

The Practical Companion to the Work Table for Knitting Netting and Crochet work by Elizabeth Jackson (1845)

The Work-Table Magazine by Mrs. Mee and Miss Austin (1847)

Parlour Recreations for Ladies (1848)

Plain Needle-Work (1852)

Isn't the internet wonderful! And a special thanks to the wonderful people who digitized these and other books.

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Arkansas Bartholomews said...

the mystery stole turned out nice! congrats! Sigh, it's probably my engineering side but looking at it I wish it was symmetrical. but congrats!