Saturday, August 18, 2007

More examples of Gauge - Netting Style

I had fun today working on some oval netting. Several years ago I made a unique bookmark for each member of my family still at home. I wrote down the directions, or so I thought, and scanned each bookmark. When I went to make another bookmark using the Caterpillar instructions it came out larger than the one I had originally made. I eventually realized that I had used a larger mesh stick for rounds 1 and 2.

The pink background is the original Caterpillar bookmark. The brown one is the second one I made.

Yesterday I decided to make one like the original. I used the same type of thread (size 60 tatting thread) but a variegated color. It was then I discovered that I had goofed on more than just the mesh stick size. I had the wrong number of loops and the instructions were not working as I thought they should. The thread was so fine I had a hard time figuring out where I went wrong, so I started another one. Using a thicker size thread, #10 crochet thread, and two different blues, I finally figured out what the correct instructions should be. Then I went back, cut off the incorrect rows, and made it correctly. It finally worked just like it was supposed to.

Even though the brown bookmark had some problems with the instructions, the size of the bookmark was not affected. The last three bookmarks are all made with the approximately the same instructions; however because of using different sizes of thread or mesh sticks, all three are not only different sizes but present three different looks.

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