Saturday, March 9, 2019

Tiny Well

This circular piece of netting is similar to the one from last week. The biggest difference is in the second round. The second round has two knots in each of the first round's loops and the mesh is the same size as in round one. To make this piece of netting fit into the acrylic frame, there is one less round of the smaller mesh. In addition, the smaller mesh in this circle is smaller than the smaller mesh in last week's pattern.


Here are the instructions.

Remember to tie a connecting knot (CK) at the end of each round to form the last loop of that round.

Well Center

Round 1
                mesh stick: 1/4"
Form a grommet with 15 loops, the last one tied by hand with a connecting knot (CK). (15 loops in the round)

Round 2
                mesh stick: 1/4"
Net 1 knot in loop formed by CK, net 2 knots in all other loops. (30 loops in the round)

Rounds 3-7
                mesh stick: #2 knitting needle
Net 1 knot in each loop. (30 loops in each round)

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