Saturday, March 2, 2019

Tiny Plain Ornament and Doily

This is one of the simplest net ornaments. The pattern was originally the center of several doilies. I thought it would look nice by itself. By adjusting the mesh sticks, the final diameter of this tiny doily is 2.75 inches. It fits nicely into the circular acrylic blank.

The instructions for this tiny doily are simple:

Remember to tie a connecting knot (CK) at the end of each round to form the last loop of that round.

Regular Center

Round 1

                mesh stick: 3/8” flat
Form a grommet with 24 loops, the last one tied by hand with a connecting knot (CK). (24 loops in the round)

Rounds 2-7

                mesh stick: #4 knitting needle
Net 1 knot in each loop. (24 loops in each round)

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