Saturday, November 24, 2018

From tiny doily to Christmas ornament

A couple of weeks ago I described how I created a tiny doily, Spinning, from the center of one of my Grandmother's larger doilies. I wanted to use the doily, but it was only 2.75 inches in diameter. As I was browsing the internet, I came across a Snowflake Christmas Ornament Acrylic Embroidery Blank and ordered some.

Once they arrived, the tiny little Spinning went from a tiny doily

to an ornament very quickly.

The instructions are short - only 11 rows.

Row 1      1/4" mesh stick
Form a grommet with 30 loops (last one tied by hand with CK).

Rows 2-6      #1 kn mesh stick
Net 1 knot in each loop.

Row 7      1/4" mesh stick
Net 2 knots in loop formed by CK, net 3 knots in all other loops.

Rows 8-11   #1 kn mesh stick
Net 1 knot in each loop.

CK (a connecting knot) is an overhand knot tied at the end of each round using the thread from the netting needle and the loose end from when the grommet was formed. It forms the last loop of a round and the first knot in the next round.