Saturday, November 10, 2018

Creating a Tiny Doily

Recently I followed the instructions for one of my grandmother's doilies so I could give a doily to one of my nephews and his new wife. Since my grandmother never named her doilies, and I needed a way to refer to each one, I had named this doily Spinning Wheel. It is approximately 10.5 inches diameter.

Shortly after finishing this doily I needed a very small doily. I was starching Spinning Wheel and I noticed that the center was slightly different from others my grandmother designed. Although I followed the directions for the first 10 rows, I changed the size of the mesh sticks: 3/8" became 1/4", #7 knitting needle became a 1/4" mesh, and the #3 knitting needle became a #1 knitting needle. I named the tiny doily Spinning.

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