Saturday, May 16, 2015

Border for the Square Center-piece for Table from Tatting and Netting

The border for the Square Center-piece for Table, on page 137 of Tatting and Netting, was one net edge that I did not need my husband's help with.  I figured it out and made it one evening while we were visiting. My granddaughter seemed to enjoy watching me net it.

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After finishing Arctic Circle I started on Arrows.  This 22 inch diameter doily was first made while we were living in St. Anthony, Idaho, many years ago.

Now I have less than a dozen doilies to re-make. 


Necros Xiaoban said...

I have been thinking of using a doily pattern for a round hammock similar to this one and am wondering if you think it would work. Was planning on 1/4" nylon rope or similar.

Rita said...

I think it would work. If you are netting the edge, you might want to make a sample out of the nylon rope or use the proper weight of cotton cord. Nylon has a tendency to slide after the knot has been tied.