Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Netting Class and Mistborn Cloak are both finished

It's done.  After 11 months of working on it, Netting, More or Less is now available.  This netting class shows how to increase and decrease while netting.  It includes patterns for headbands, dishcloths, bags, and a snood (hairnet).  To register for the class, click here.  This class is ongoing, so when you can begin the class as soon as you register for it.  (Contact me if you have problems.)  I have also structured the class so that there is also no ending time.  You can go back and review how to do something whenever you need to.

I've already started working on the next class:  Square Mesh Netting.  By checking the syllabus for Square Mesh Netting, you can see that currently there are six more videos to make and all the PDF patterns and transcriptions.  I hope it will not take as long to pull together as the last one did.

Several weeks ago I mentioned that I was making a Mistborn Cloak as a Halloween costume for my son.  I did finish it before Halloween.  However, due to the snowstorm and downed power lines that arrived days before Halloween, he was not able to wear it for Halloween.

During the week when school was  not held, I managed to get some photos.

It came complete with a pouch for coins and a belt / sash with places to store his "metals" vials.

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