Saturday, July 2, 2011

Net Trellises in the Garden

Back in 2007 our family tried a new approach to gardening - a couple of Square-Foot-Garden boxes. At that time I made some 4 foot by 6 foot net trellises to match the larger frame shape and some 4 foot by 4 foot ones for the smaller frame shape.

This year we had more plants that wanted to climb than we had squares in which to put them. We decided to try the frames without the Square-Foot boxes. A couple of weeks ago we bought the supplies, set up the frames (5 feet by 5 feet), and planted the seeds. My goal was to get the six net trellises made before the plants needed them.

It turned out to be an opportunity for me to practice making squares of square-mesh netting in preparation for my upcoming class, "Netting, More or Less," where I will be teaching about square-mesh netting. It took me three trellises to get the written instructions to match what I was actually doing.

Square Mesh net trellis: 6 inch meshes

That left me with three more to finish, and I was beginning to get bored with repeating the same pattern over and over. I started thinking, "What would happen if . . .

To find out what I was thinking of experimenting with and how the final net trellises turned out, come join us in Rita's Netting Nook.

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