Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Water Bottle Bag

Several weeks ago I was busily netting away at the local library's Knit-Along. The conversation turned to net bags, and particularly how well a net bag would hold a water bottle. One family seemed very interested, so I committed to make at least one for the daughter on the condition that I could take pictures of the bag being used.

Today I remembered to take my video camera to the Knit-Along, and they remembered to bring the bag and a water bottle. So, thanks to Dora and her mother, here is how to use the long-handled net water bottle bag. (Please excuse the background noise; the Knit-Along was right around the corner and there were many people there today.)

If you would like to make a water bottle bag like this one, come on over to Rita's Netting Nook. The first class, which will include this pattern, is almost ready.

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