Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shrugs and tiny mesh net bag

I've decided it's easier to find time to knit and net than to blog. Time having been at a premium this past couple of weeks, it got filled with knitting and netting and no blogging. So to make amends . . .

I saw a picture of a shrug recently in Lace Style called Retro Redux Shrug designed by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. I liked the look of it and wondered if it would keep my arms and shoulders warm. So, I found some unlabeled worsted weight wool I had been given and gave it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised at how warm it did keep my shoulders and upper arms.

My next thought was, "Can I create a net shrug?"

So I dived into my left-over-from-other-projects yarn and grabbed some fluffy type of yarn. Using just a plain net stitch, I came up with a pattern that will serve as a springboard for other shrugs.

My biggest problem was that I used up all the yarn I had in that color and type of yarn. The shrug will work, but in the future I will want to add more length to the sleeves, and more of an edging to the rest of the shrug. I also have some ideas for fancy stitches and shrugs.

I was delighted with the way it kept my arms and shoulders warm, while at the same time it didn't get into things while I was cooking or cleaning like a cape or shawl would.

I finally got the heel turned on the second sock and now I can work both socks at the same time and not need to worry about one being longer than the other.

I guess at this point in time knitting socks is not exactly on the top of my list of things to do, since the heel of the first sock was turned back in October. I do hope to finish these sooner rather than later, since I really want to get into Cat Bordhi's new sock book and I am insisting that I will finish this pair before starting one from her book (which I got for my birthday).

Oh, yes. One other project that has been gradually making progress. The very tiny mesh net bag.

I finished the circle going from the center to the edges.

It looks like an oval because it is not stretched out evenly.

A bit of pinning took care of that problem.

Then I needed to create a foundation loop in the middle of a circle. I took some crochet thread and formed a square in the center of the circle (seen here from one side, and then the other).

(No I didn't change the color, the computer / camera did. The bag is still a lovely shade of light purple.)

The white doubled crochet thread becomes the new foundation loop. The orange stitch marker indicates where the first circular netting round began.

Now it is just a matter of netting around and around until the bag is as tall as I want to make it. Then I will net some handles.

The mesh is small enough that size 2 knitting needles will not go through the mesh, although size 1 will barely. The mesh stick is a 0000. I am hoping to make it large enough that it will hold a ball of sock yarn and the needles as well as the socks being made.


Anonymous said...

You always have the most unusual items! So it's warm? Well, so is the cape you made me, even though I feel like I'm impersonating a superhero whenever I wear it :)

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

I really like how the gray knitted shrug turned out. I think the netted one would be improved (appearance wise) if it hadn't run out of yarn, but I suppose that's the risk of trying to use of odds and ends. =) I find it very impressive that you got the shape that close while switching handcraft methods mostly on the fly. Congrats on functional projects!