Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knit Finger Puppets

On Wednesday, as my cold was coming to an end, I spent the evening knitting with a group of delightful women. Because my car had two other places to go that evening, my middle daughter gave me and her younger sister a ride to the shop where the group was meeting.

During the evening the other women asked my youngest daughter what she was making. When she showed them the finger puppet she was knitting, they all wanted to know where her pattern came from.

I had to confess that I had created the basic pattern about 2 and a half years ago. They all wanted a copy of the instructions. Since they were willing to test the instructions for me, I went home, found my handwritten instructions and entered them into the computer. Then to see how to explain attaching the skirt, I made another one.

For Christmas 2006 I made my young granddaughters some finger puppets and you can see some of them on my finger puppet webpage .

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Anonymous said...

We want more!!! :) The kids do love the puppets you made of our family...