Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tiny Tier

Using the Tier center, with small mesh sticks, the tiny doily was small enough to fit within the acrylic holder. With 162 knots, and using 4 yards of tatting thread, the diameter is 2.75 inches.


Remember to tie a connecting knot (CK) at the end of each round to form the last loop of that round.

Tier Center

Round 1
mesh stick: 3/8” flat
Form a grommet with 27 loops, the last one tied by hand with a connecting knot (CK). (27 loops in the round)

Round 2
mesh stick:  3/8” flat
Net 1 knot in each loop.  (27 loops in the round)

Rounds 3-6
mesh stick: #3 knitting needle
Net 1 knot in each loop. (27 loops in each round)

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