Saturday, July 21, 2018


This is another of those doilies made years ago that I only had a partial representation of what it looked like. I was not only remaking the doily, but I was also revising the instructions to make them work out mathematically.

One of my more frustrating netting experiences came when I had almost finished the rows necessary to create the 21 points. I realized that the final rows were not mathematically compatible to having each point reduce to a single increase stitch. The problem was 12 rows back, at the beginning of the point section, where I had put an even number of loops between the initial increase stitches. I needed to cut off all 12 rows (about 5,000 knots) and do it again. However, I did make sure to revise the instructions so as to put an odd number of loops between the increases.

I'm grateful that I don't still need to reproduce a circular doily on a rectangular photocopy machine. Digital cameras are so much easier.

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