Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ivy Stitch - Rectangular Shawl

Usually, when I make a rectangular shawl, the rows start at one wrist, progress across the back, and end at the other wrist (the longest dimension of the shawl). That way I can easily try it on to see if it is the right size. This shawl was different.

I like the way the Ivy Decorative Stitch hangs when it is turned 90 degrees and the sides of the netting become the top and bottom.

So, I started at one wrist (dark brown yarn) and net back and forth on a large mesh stick. Then I increased the number of loops and worked across the shoulder, the back (golden colored yarn), and the other shoulder. Finally, I decreased the number of loops and worked back and forth across the rows to the other wrist.

Back of the shawl
Front of the shawl

If I were to make this again, I would make it all in one color and start with the number of loops that were used across the back of the shawl.

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