Saturday, August 5, 2017

A variety of Onion Bags

This week I received a challenge. I don't think the person giving the challenge realized that it was a challenge. I was asked if I could make an onion bag that was 20 inches long when it was filled. An onion bag has a hole at the top of the bag and a hole in the side of the bag where you can add or remove onions without reaching all the way to the top.

My original bag pattern produced a bag that was 23 inches long when it was filled.

During the week I tried over and over and over again to achieve a bag length of 20 inches.

Some were longer, some were shorter, all were different.

My daughter says she now understands why we have so many string bags around the house.

Sometimes you can't tell how something is going to work until you try it.

These bags all have a Moebius Handle. That means the entire bag is like one big Moebius strip.

I think Moebius bags are fun because the bag has only one edge and only one side, not two. Twist your brain in knots wondering how a surface with only one side can hold anything.

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