Saturday, April 1, 2017

Cube Stitch Shawl - oval

This was my first attempt to create an oval shawl.  I used a bulky yarn, much thicker than I ususally use. I began by making a rectangle using the Cube Decorative Stitch. Next, along one of the long sides, I decreased the number of stitches, using a Peaks Decrease Stitch. That is the part that would go around the neck. Finally, I net the Rigging Edge around the entire shawl.

This is what the shawl looks like when it is laid out flat.

This is the shawl as seen from the front. To keep the shawl on, it may be necessary to attach two or three of the loops together with some form of button.

This is the shawl as seen from the back. The rectangle of  Cube Decorative Stitch is in the middle of the back.

This oval shawl does not like to stay on my shoulders as well as the fan-shaped shawls do.

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