Saturday, January 14, 2017

Golden Ray Shawl

Decades ago I made a doily I called Golden Ray. I made it originally to see how easy it was to put bits of color into a doily. (I decided that was not worth the effort it took.)

A couple of years ago I decided to try to make a shawl using this doily as a beginning. It was the very first time I tried to make a circular shawl with a wedge removed from the circle. If I were to make it again, there are parts I would not make quite as full. The fullness makes it harder to see the net pattern. I would also use larger mesh sticks in some places.

When it was finally finished, it was more of a cape than a shawl on me.

However, I had a granddaughter who was about 18 months old the Christmas of 2015, and she loved it. So, I gave it to her and she still uses it.

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Gudy Vigo said...

hermoso trabajo,, lo lindo de inventar es siempre mejorar el trabajo,, felicitaciones por su labores