Saturday, December 31, 2016

Swish Shawl

For several years I have wanted to net a shawl that would stay on my shoulders. I've tried rectangular, triangular, and circular. None of them worked right. This summer I decided to try one based on one of my grandmother's doilies.  I called the doily Petticoat.

I decided to eliminate a pie-shaped wedge out of a circular shawl and see it that would make it stay on my shoulders better. I chose to make this shawl out of ribbon yarn. I named it Swish. 

At last, a net shawl that will stay on my shoulders!

I finished it in time to enter in the Big E - a regional fair for the New England states. It was awarded a blue ribbon. I finally made time to photograph it today.

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Complimenti รจ molto bello!!!