Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016 Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) week 2

This week saw my daughter and me at the Eastern States Exposition (Big E) again. Out of the 7 days we demonstrated netting during the last two weeks, we've sat in 4 different locations. We also got to spread out over a variety of tables - sometimes even more than one table.

The most common thing people said was some variation on "What are you doing?" It was often followed by, "I've never seen that done before." I keep hoping to hear more people saying, "What are you netting?" Oh, well, at least more people were exposed to netting and can't truthfully say, "I've never seen that done before."

Monday working on a net scarf and on a net handkerchief edge.

Thursday working on a net shawl and planning.

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