Saturday, April 30, 2016

Border of A Lady's Netted Cap from Treasures in Needlework

On pages 132 - 133 of Treasures in Needlework Mrs. Warren and Mrs Pullan included directions for a Lady's Net Cap.  The border of this cap is hard to see in the illustration, so I decided to make it to see what it looked like. The mesh sticks called for in this pattern were steel meshes #10, #12, and #14 and a 3/4" flat mesh stick.  I converted those mesh stick sizes to a modern US size 0 (2 mm), size 1 (2.25 mm), and size 3 (3 mm), as well as the 3/4" (19 mm) flat one.

Here are my directions for this sample:
Row 1: (#1 knitting needle) Net 10 knots in the foundation loop. [an even number]
Rows 2-7: (#1 knitting needle) Net 1 knot in each loop.
Row 8: (3/4" mesh) Net 5 knots in each loop.
Row 9-13: (#0 knitting needle) Net 1 knot in each loop.
Row 14: (#3 knitting needle) Skip the first loop, net 1 knot in following loop, *skip the next loop, net 1 knot in the following loop*; repeat from * to *.

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