Saturday, November 14, 2015

Design with Twisted Loops from The Young Ladies' Journal Complete Guide to the Worktable

Pattern #42 on page 134 of The Young Ladies' Journal Complete Guide to the Worktable, Design with Twisted Loops, was straightforward and easy to follow. I'm not sure if the Design with Twisted Loops was meant to be an edge or a lace insert.  With a minor change it could be used for either. 

The edge
The insert (as shown on page 133)

The first 7 rows are the same for either an edge or an insert

Row 1:  #5 knitting needle
     Net 10 knots into the foundation loop.

Row 2:  #5 knitting needle
     Net 1 knot in each loop.

Row 3:  1/2" flat mesh stick
     Net 1 knot in each loop:

Row 4:  #5 knitting needle
     Twist each loop twice before netting into the loop.

Rows 5-6:  #5 knitting needle
     Net 1 knot into each loop.

Row 7:  #5 knitting needle
     *Skip a loop, wrap the thread around the mesh stick once before netting 1 knot in the next loop*; repeat from * to *.

Instructions to complete the lace insert:

Remove the mesh stick from the netting.
Remove the netting from the foundation loop.
Untie the knots in row 1.
Place the foundation loop cord through row 7 and tie its ends together to create a new foundation loop.
Cut the thread from the netting needle.
Tie the netting needle onto the loose thread end at the beginning of row 1.
Repeat Row 7 working across row 1.

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