Saturday, April 11, 2015

Corner of a Netted Shawl from Tatting and Netting

Tatting and Netting includes a pattern for a square net shawl made using square-mesh netting,.  Once the center square is finished instructions are given for the border.   The instructions for the border are listed on page 145 in one digital copy and page 135 in another digital copy.

The photo in the book shows a corner of the shawl. This sample I made does not show the corner, just the border.  I used a #3 knitting needle, a 1/4" flat mesh stick, and a 1/2" flat mesh stick.  One change needed in the text was on row 6.  The book said "put 2 stitches in every other loop."  The photo shows 2 knots in each loop.

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