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Patterns Found Online for Net Curtains and Another Way to Fix a Mistake

If you have wanted netting hanging in your windows, here is a variety of curtain patterns.  Some patterns contain net embroidery or lacis; some are made with fancy netting.  Some curtains are made for windows; some are made for beds.  Some of the patterns have very detailed instructions and some contain instructions for just the basic stitch.

These are the net curtain patterns I found online in books.

  1. The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book (2nd edition), (published in 1838)
    1. Netted Curtain (page 66) 
  2. The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book – second series (2nd ed), by Miss Watts, (published in 1840)
    1. Netted Curtain (page 103) 
  3. The ladies' knitting and netting book – first series  (5th ed), by Miss Watts, (published in 1840)
    1. Netted Curtain (page 72) 
  4. The Ladies' Work-table Book (2nd ed), (published in 1844)
    1. Curtain for a French Bed (page 181)
    2. Netted Curtain (page 180) 
  5. The Work-Table Magazine or Church and Decorative Needlework (vol 1), by Mrs. Mee and Miss Austin, (published in 1847)
    1. Curtains, in stripes of small and large diamonds (page 39) 
  6. Lady's Book of Useful and Ornamental Knitting and Netting Work, by Miss Ronaldson, (published in 1847)
    1. Long Netted Window Curtains for a Drawing Room (page 165, item # 99)
    2. Netted Window Curtain (page 86, item # 49)
  7. A Winter Gift for Ladies being instructions in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work, by An American Lady, (published in 1848)
    1. Netted Curtain (page 33)
  8. Parlour recreations for ladies, (published in 1848)
    1. Remarks on Netting (page 77)
    2. Stitch adapted for Curtain (page 78) 
  9. The Ladies' Self Instructor, (published in 1853)
    1. Netted Curtain (page 175) 
  10. The Ladies’ Hand Book of Fancy and Ornamental Work, by Florence Hartley, (published in 1859)
    1. Netted Curtain (with illustration on 183) (page 184) 
  11. The Young Ladies' Journal Complete Guide (2nd edition), by E. Harrison, (published in 1885)
    1. Netted Curtains - with illustration (page 136) 
  12. The Young Lady's Book, by Mrs. Henry Mackarness, (published in 1888)
    1. Diamond Netting for Curtains with Scalloped Border (page 185) 
  13. Tatting and Netting, by Butterick Publishing Company, (published in 1895)
    1. Directions for Making Netted Curtains (page 151) 

These are the net curtain patterns I found online in magazines.

  1. Peterson's Magazine (Vol. 29-30), published in 1856 
    1. Darned Netted Window Curtains (page 166) 
  2. Peterson's Magazine (Vol. 31-32), published in 1857 
    1. Darned Netted Window Curtains (page 78) 
  3. Peterson's Magazine (Vol. 33-34), published in 1858 
    1. Netted Window Curtain (page 79) 
    2. Netted Window Curtain - continued (page 80) 
  4. Peterson's Magazine (Vol. 37-38 , published in 1860 
    1. Netted Window Curtain (page 478) 
  5. The Ladies’ Companion (Vol. 20), published in 1861 
    1. The Work-Table Netting for Window-Curtains and Fire-Grate Veil (page 317) 
  6. Peterson's Magazine (Vol. 39-40), published in 1861 
    1. Netted Curtains (page 259) 
  7. Godey's Lady's Book (Vol. 64), published in Jan-Jun 1862 
    1. Sprigs for Window Curtains in Netting and Darning (page 284) 
  8. The What-not; or Ladies’ Handy-book, published in 1863 
    1. Netted Window Curtain (page 56) 
    2. Border for Curtains in Netting and Darning (page 382) 
  9. Godey's Lady's Book (Vol. 68-69), published in 1864 
    1. Netted Window Curtains [illustration] (page 23) 
    2. Netted Window Curtains (page 76) 
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Last week I took my car in to have the oil changed.  While I was waiting I began to make another doily - one I still don't have a complete photo of, just a rectangular photocopy.  
After netting for some time, I counted the loops for the center of the doily.  I had too many stitches.  I counted again, just to make sure I had the loops I needed.  I did have more than I needed.  So I removed the extra loops and continued making the doily.  It was not until the end of round 6 that I realized I had a problem.  I had only 39 loops and I needed 40.  There was no way to fix that.  I needed to start again, but I did not want to throw away the small circle of netting.  I wondered if I could use it somehow.  

I've thought about that piece of netting all week. Today I decided to try something. I cut off the last two rows and began round 5 again. I decided to try a variation on the center I had learned from Giuseppa Nania several weeks ago and a variation of an edge I had seen on a doily made by Marie Bassett on March 16.  I now have a new 12.5 inch doily.

Here it is.  

My mistake turned into a new pattern, Lucky.


Marie said...

Love it!!

Mary said...

Oh Rita, what a beautiful new design!