Saturday, February 22, 2014

Patterns for Net Hammocks and a New Book of Net Doilies

Hammocks are one item made of netting that everyone seems to recognize.  Listed below are patterns I found on-line.

Here are the ones I found in books:

  1. The Young Englishwoman by Isabella May Beeton, published in 1875
    1. Swinging Hammock - with illustration (page 646 item # 651) 
  2. Tatting and Netting by Butterick Publishing Company, published in 1895
    1. Method of Making a Hammock or a Tennis-net - with illustrations (page 77)  
  3. Handicrafts For The Handicapped by Herbert J. Hall and Mertice M. C. Buck, published in 1916
    1. Hammock (page Chapter III parts 1 & 2)  
  4. Netting by Primrose Cumming, published in 1956
    1. A Hammock (page 5)  

Here are the ones I found in magazines:

  1. Godey's Lady's Book (Vol. 92) published in 1876
    1. Swing Hammock (Netting) (page 557) 
  2. Godey's Lady's Book (Vol. 101) published in 1880 
    1. Hammock (page 385) 

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Early this week I learned about a new book on netting - Il Filet In Tondo by Enza Termine and Carmela Tralli. 

My copy arrived on Friday. It is written in Italian, and I read only English, but I plan to use the drawings and photos to help me make some of the gorgeous patterns.  These doily patterns are so different from the patterns my grandmother used.  I wonder if it is a difference between Sweden and Italy or a difference in preference between two different netters.  I am excited to be able to explore a new style of net doily.

Besides a brief history of netting including photographs of early netting and lacis and some instructions on how to net, there are several patterns in each of the three degrees of difficulty.  You can learn more about this book at Enza's web-site located at or find her on Facebook.

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Enza Termine said...

Grazie signora Rita per la bellissima recensione.
Sono sicura che riuscirà a realizzare anche se è
scritto in Italiano.
Un caro saluto dalla Sicilia.