Saturday, October 26, 2013

Netting in Magazines - The Delineator

For just over a year I have been listing digitized books that have netting information and patterns in them. Today, with my current list of digitized books exhausted, I decided to move on to digitized magazines that contain netting patterns.  The problem with magazines is that not all the issues of a particular magazine have been digitized.  My hope is that if I list what I can find, those who have more skill in searching or those who own the actual magazines will help us locate more netting information.

The Delineator, published by Butterick Publishing Company, began in 1873 and continued until 1937.

I have been able to find the following online:

  1. January 1903
    1. Section: Netting - Doily with Fluted Border (page 139)
  2. July 1903
    1. Section: Needlework - Dainty Hand-made Handkerchiefs (page 98)
  3. The Art of Netting - No. 59
    1. Doily with Netted Border - figure 1 (page 350)
    2. Doily with Netted Border - figure 2 (page 350)
    3. Netted Doily (page 350)
  4. The Art of Netting - No. 61
    1. Table-Center (page 245)
    2. Tray-Cloth (page 245)
    3. Plate Doily (page 245)
  5. The Art of Netting - No. 62
    1. Netted Handkerchief (page 473)

I would love to know which year these The Art of Netting sections appeared in.  I wish I could find all the Art of Netting series published in this magazine.

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Several months ago I remade one of my bag patterns.  I put it carefully away until the next time I needed a gift bag for a baby shower.  I found it last week and realized that I did not need to make a new bag for the latest baby shower I was invited to.  I just needed to fill the one I had.

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