Saturday, August 31, 2013

Variety, Italian Cut Work and Filet Lace, Book No. 1

According to Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions, Carmela Testa & Company was a small company that published 7 Variety books.  Italian Cut Work and Filet Lace is the first book in that series.  This book, published in 1921, deals with Italian Cut Work and Filet Lace.  It has a couple of pages concerning how to net and how to make square-mesh netting and several pages of patterns that can be embroidered onto the netting.  There are two sites where the digitized copies can be found:  here and here.

  1. Filet Designs - illustrations (pages 8-24)
  2. Netting - with illustrations (page 25)
  3. Filet Lace (page 27)
The other books in the series can be found at Amazon or Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions.  As far as I can tell, Italian Cut Work and Filet Lace is the only one available to download.

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Several years ago I wanted to try some new stitches, but I didn't want to add them to a doily and deal with increases and decreases in addition to learning a new stitch.  That was when I decided to make some scarves.  I was introduced to net scarves by David Keller back in 2004.  He even gave me the instructions for his Blizzard Busters and allowed me to put the instructions online.

This week my son has added posts and I added photos of those scarves.  Some of the scarves are very short - I only wanted to use a single skein of yarn; some are more than six feet.  Some are wide and some are narrow.  All of them keep necks warm.  Yes, even with all the holes, net scarves keep necks warm!

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