Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ward and Lock’s Home Book

Both this book, Ward and Lock's Home Book, and the one from last week were published by Ward, Lock, and Co.  Since both books were published in 1882, it makes sense that the patterns would be similar.  Or in this case, all the netting information in this book is identical to what is found in the Handbook of Plain and Fancy Needlework.

  1. Netting, or Knotting (page 829, items 1499, 1500)
  2. The Implements Required - with illustration (page 829, item 1501)
  3. Netting (page 829, item 1502)
  4. Square Netting (page 830)
  5. Round Netting (page 830)
  6. English Netting (page 830)
  7. Netted Mitten (page 831, item 1503)

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Several months ago I converted my website from one format to another.  When I made the change, I did not have the time to get all the netting photos on the original format changed to the new format.  My youngest son has graciously consented to help me make those changes now.  This week he was able to get all the doilies, mine and my grandmother's, posted.  To view the results, you can go to either my doilies or my grandmother's doilies.  


Tony said...

Thank you again for all the links to e-books. 30 years oago or so a fellow netmaker showed me her old copy of "The Priscilla Netting Book" I was able to find it reproduced in the book Netting:from eary sources by Kliot. I recently discovered it is available to read online at
I was able to use my printed copy of the book to make a decotative trim for a sailboat cabin doorway. Sorry - no photos. Tony

Rita said...

You are certainly welcome for the links. The internet is wonderful in so many ways.

I'm also grateful for the links you give me. I had not yet located The Priscilla Netting Book online.