Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Young Englishwoman by Isabella May Beeton

Three weeks ago I commented on another book by Isabella Beeton, which also contained netting patterns and instructions.  The Young Englishwoman was published in 1875, five years after Beeton's Book of Needlework.  Her earlier book covers the basics of netting and has a couple of patterns. This later book assumes that the reader knows how to net and does not include any basic information.  There are some netting patterns (no duplication between the two books), as well as designs for net embroidery, darning, or lacis.  She also includes one pattern that combines netting, knitting, and crochet in making a hood.

  1. Clothes Bag - with illustration (page 107, item 100)
  2. Design in Netting and Darning for Antimacassars, etc.  - with illustration (page 110, item 118)
  3. Designs in Netting and Darning - with illustration (page 166, item 150)
  4. Designs in Netting and Darning - with illustration (page 166, item 151)
  5. Lady's Hood in Netting, Knitting and Crochet - with illustration (page 226, item 193)
  6. Lambrequin Darning on Netting - with illustration (page 527, item 538)
  7. Swinging Hammock - with illustration (page 646, item 651)

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Many years ago a son-in-law approached me with an interesting idea.  He wondered if I could make a doily that resembled an eye.  Using the stitches and colors he wanted, we designed it.  

Since I forgot to record how much thread I used, I decided to make it again.  This time I did it all in one color.  I discovered it takes 33 yards of size 20 crochet thread.  It measures 13.75 inches in diameter.

 I call it Hurricane.


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