Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Illuminated Ladies' Book of Useful and Ornamental Needlework by Mrs. Henry Owen

There are two digitized copies of  The Illuminated Ladies' Book of Useful and Ornamental Needlework, which was published in 1844.  One is located here and the other is located here.  I found it interesting that Mrs. Henry Owen thought it necessary to discuss how to use a netting and knitting gauge.   Apparently there were enough people using it incorrectly that she felt it necessary to include an illustration as well as a description of the proper way to use it.  Besides that, she gave a variety of netting patterns, including another cardinal.

  1. Netting and Knitting Guage (page 5)
  2. A Gentlleman's Purse (page 7)
  3. Silk Mittens (page 8)
  4. Netted Silk and Wool Mittens (page 9)
  5. Netted Muffatees (page 10)
  6. A Purse of Two Colours Netted in Points (page 11)
  7. Grecian Netting (page 11)
  8. A Purse in Squares of Different Colours (page 12)
  9. A Shaded Silk Purse (page 13)
  10. Treble Diamond Netting (page 13)
  11. Diamond Netting (page 14)
  12. Netted Fringe (page 15)
  13. Netted Ruffle Cuff (page 15)
  14. A Pretty Netted Ruff for a Child's Neck (page 16)
  15. An Elegant Purse with a Cornucopia Pattern (page 17)
  16. Netted Cardinal (page 19)
  17. Flower Baskets or Stands (page 19)
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

My completed project for this week has nothing to do with netting.  Three years ago I knit some helmet-type hats for two of my grandchildren.  

I was informed recently by my granddaughter, who was a new-born at the time the other hats were made, that she did not have a hat like her brother and sister.  She needed a hat like theirs.  Then she asked politely if I would make one for her.  When asked what her favorite color was, she replied, "Green."

So this week I knit a green helmet.  I had to get it done and shipped to her before winter is gone.  

And since she has had to wait for more than three years, I sent another type of hat along to add to her collection.

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