Saturday, March 17, 2012

One More Square-mesh Net Bag

I thought I was all done with square-mesh netting for a while.  Then I got an invitation to another baby shower. I remembered that I had a blue rectangle of netting left over from preparations for the square-mesh netting class.  So I thought I would use that.

As I looked at the rectangle I realized why it was still a rectangle and not a bag.  It had a different number of squares in the width than any of my other square-mesh net bags.

That meant that none of the handles I had designed would work for this bag.

No problem.  I took some features I liked from a couple of the square-mesh bag handles and placed the overhand knot in a different location.

There it was.  A new handle.
And a new gift bag.  The tea-towel bibs fit in just fine.

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