Saturday, December 10, 2011

Handles for Square-mesh Net Bags

Last week I showed you some of the new rectangular, square-mesh, net bags I was working on.  Now to show you a couple of the new handles I designed for those bags.  Rather than use a 1/2" mesh stick for the entire handle I used a much wider mesh for most of the handle.  I used wrapped loops to get the bigger meshes.  Only at the ends do I go back to the smaller mesh stick.  The smaller meshes make it easier to tie the two handle sections together.

This handle, from the small gift bag, uses half the number of square meshes across the width of the rectangle.

This handle, from the medium size net bag, begins with two knots in each of the square meshes along the width.  The third row of the handle decreases the number of loops.   An overhand knot sits on top of the fuller section of the handle.

 Here is a closeup of the lower part of the handle.

I was hoping to finish the large shopping-bag size, but I finished the last video (Creating Wrapped Loops) for the Square-Mesh Netting class instead.  Now I just need to finish the transcripts and patterns and that class will be ready.

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