Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Netting Tools

Recently I acquired some new netting toys tools from Marie-Jo at FILET LACE BY THE SEA.  I have enjoyed looking at them and playing with using them.

They feel so smooth I could just keep rubbing them all day.  I have not yet tried the two smaller ones, but I have used the largest.  It's narrower than my white plastic one, but since it is thicker, it produces the same size meshes.

Along with the mesh sticks came the needle on the left.

I got the needle on the right after Marie-Jo showed me some photos of a few handmade netting needles she had.  I am so glad I ordered one.  It is so much sturdier than the other needles I have seen (like the one next to it in the photo).  So, if you are looking for small netting needles for fine netting, contact her.

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