Friday, December 24, 2010

Receiving His Gift

God’s gift to the world when Jesus was born is ours to enjoy all year long.
Each day can be brightened with peace and good will as the angels proclaimed in their song.

Worried souls can be calmed, broken hearts can be healed if we listen and truly believe
In His teachings and power to transform our lives.  Let us open our hearts and receive.

We receive His gift fully by doing His will.  It’s not ours if we simply admire.
By our taking His hand and our following Him, it’s our legacy, full and entire.

Does someone have burdens I might help to lift or tears I could help cease to flow
Or wounds I could heal that I know nothing of or need comfort that I could bestow?

I’m already busy, of course; aren’t we all?  Our schedules we needn’t belabor.
Even if I had time, I have scarcely a dime I can spare for a friend or a neighbor.

So why should I worry about other people?  I’ve got such a big load to pull.
And then through my protests I hear words profound: Serving others enlarges your soul.

In serving your fellows, you’re serving your Lord.  As you have done unto the least,
So have you done unto the greatest of all.  And your love and your joy are increased.

So come unto God as you give of yourself, and thereby you are storing up treasure
In heaven.  Meanwhile here on earth you will give and receive sheaves of joy beyond measure.

Don’t tackle the world.  Start small, close to home.  And gradually you’ll come to know
The difference that even small efforts can make.  From little starts good things can grow.

Merry Christmas to All
December 2010             

Each year since 1971 my husband and I have crafted a Christmas poem.  This poem is number 39.

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