Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teacher Gifts - part 2

My youngest son and I negotiated. Doilies for his teachers - smaller and fewer knots. He also suggested that 5 would be great (instead of 9). So I have been netting doilies. The first doilies were finished on schedule.

Ruffle (small)


Chocolate Chip Cookie

I was ready to continue with the 7.5" doilies that he had selected when I received a new book in the mail. Malla was filled with gorgeous doilies having a different look than mine usually do. Though I loved the style, they were much too time-consuming to make right now with an end-of-the-school-year deadline. So, for the final two doilies for my son's teachers, I based the designs on the style of the doilies found in Malla.

Fireworks Display


They were a bit larger, with more knots, than the other doilies, but I told my son I would not hold him responsible for my creativity. They were also finished in plenty of time for him to deliver them to his teachers.

Another wedding announcement arrived in the mail from a nephew. Fortunately, I was almost done with a doily using one of my grandmother's patterns.

Center Star

I quickly finished it and sent it with my husband when he traveled west for his mother's 90th birthday celebration.

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