Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Progress on Projects

I have been busy these past few days on a number of different projects. I just did not have the time (take the time) to document what was happening until tonight.

I have made progress on two quilts. I cut 240 nine inch squares for one quilt (back and front).

One of these groups will be the back and the other will be the front.

The squares will be paired with a back and a front with the batting in the middle.

The next step is to cut the batting into seven inch squares -- 120 squares to be precise.

The other quilt will be a map of middle earth. I am having the map blown up to 54" by 45" and then plan to transfer it to the quilt using iron-on transfers. Now I need to get the blank transfer paper.

I have progressed on the sweater. I have done the the ribbing and about 2 inches up from the ribbing. I am knitting all the parts at the same time.

When I am not knitting on the sweater, it is hanging in one of the net bags I finished recently.

Of course I worked on the net shawl. I decided to add eight additional rows before the border. At this point I have finished one and a half of those eight.

And finally, I wanted to do something quick, so I took a few minutes to check the directions of the crisscross bookmark.

I wonder, by the end of the World Series, which of these projects will be completed. Anyone care to make a guess?

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Anonymous said...

You guys (middle daughter and you, and probably youngest daughter) exhaust me! :) Just looking at your productivity wears me out... :)