Friday, September 21, 2007

Two more bags - top down

I came down with my annual fall cold the end of last week. Unfortunately it affected my thought processes as I started the handles for my new bag. I wanted to try to work a bag from handles down. I'm sure I thought hard about it - 2 handles with 12 loops in each handle should equal 24 loops around the bag - right?

I did not notice my mistake until I had both handles done and connected, and had done 3 rounds.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was going around on more than 24 loops.

I blame it on my cold. What I had was 2 handles with 12 loops (on each end of the handle) equal to 48 loops. What I had wanted was 6 loops on each handle.

Oh, well, I didn't want to waste the time I had already put into the bag (not to mention the time I would take to undo all the knots and make the bag the way I thought I was), so I just figured I'd make a large string bag.

It is nice and roomy. I decided though that 12 loops for handles is too many. It is hard to find the handles from the rest of the bag.

Since I had 48 loops instead of the 24 I had wanted, I decreased the number of loops to 24 in the next to last round.

For the final round I used a hard plastic ring as the mesh stick. I wrapped the string through the loop, then net 1 knot in the next loop and repeated the process around all 24 loops. This formed a grommet at the bottom of the bag.

I decided to try again for a 24 loop bag. This time I got the numbers of the handles correct -- 2 handles, 6 loops at each end of the handle equals 24 loops.

I tried to do a grommet without the plastic ring, but that did not work. So I decided to join the loops in the final round to each other without using a mesh stick. This actually formed two corners at the bottom of the bag. If you look carefully you can see the two points where the corners form.


Alwen said...

Oops. The latest round (hexagon)-bottom bag I made, for some reason in my first increase round I skipped one increase. I couldn't stand it & picked out the knots.

I see you are on that Pineapple Knot forum too! I just joined, um, 5 days ago. All us knot makers in one place. :)

Knotty Bear said...

Nice work Rita,

Like your new bag, shame about the cold though.

Keep it up.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Jill said...

I just made a bag using your example...I made the handles out of a mint green size 3 crochet cotton, and the body out of white size 3 cotton...very pretty, and very easy to find the handles this way! :)